Yara Marine X

Catalysing Marine Startups

An accelerator program that gives your startup a unique opportunity to explore a partnership with Yara Marine, whilst gaining access to their network and resources.

Applications are now closed, see you again next time!


The program

Yara Marine X is not your typical accelerator - it is a 6-month tailored program that will give you the opportunity to develop and pilot your idea through direct access to our competence, network, market, and capital.

We believe that in order to impact this market in a sustainable way, it requires us to think outside the box, using fresh minds and creative ideas from around the world.

Creating real change to enable a greener maritime industry, fostering ideas and concepts with actual impact and power to truly change the space.










If you are chosen to be a part of Yara Marine X, you will receive a package that includes:

  • 10 000 USD selection fund.
  • Opportunity to relocate to Oslo for the duration of the program, living and office expenses paid.
  • Office space for the entire duration of the program.
  • Bootcamp to ascertain gaps and needs and fill with competence and mentorship within Yara Marine and XY01.
  • 6-month tailored program including fast piloting, go-to-market, development and network access.
  • Possibility of 150 000 USD investment for a 10% stake by Yara Marine at the end of the accelerator program.

Who should apply?

We are looking for commercially viable ideas and startups that have a sustainability focus within the field of vessel operations.



Our process and key dates for the program:



Want to hear more, or have a chat with us?

The applications have now been closed for this round. If you have any questions send us an email on post@yaramarinex.com.

Yara Marine Technologies

Yara Marine has since its origin in 2010 been a forerunner in the emission reduction technology industry, being the first company offering the inline SOx scrubber to the marine segment.

With more than 300 scrubber systems delivered and millions of successful operating hours, Yara Marine has an impressive amount of experience in the marine exhaust gas cleaning industry. Regardless of vessel and engine type, Yara Marine can deliver the best solution for reliable and cost-efficient IMO compliance.

Yara Marine’s mission is to provide technologies to enable a greener maritime industry. Yara Marine is working strategically to extend their product portfolio and develop “close to core” technologies in the intersection between green and maritime.

Yara Marine has offices in Sweden, China and HQ in Oslo, Norway.

Questions? Send us an email.