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An accelerator program that gives your startup a unique opportunity to gain direct access to Yara Marine's industry competence, network and resources.

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The program

We believe that in order to ensure a healthy planet for future generations and make a real sustainable impact, we must think outside of the box and team up with fresh minds and creative ideas from around the world.

Yara Marine X is not your typical accelerator - it is a 3-month tailored program that will give you the opportunity to develop and pilot your startup through our industry competence, network, distribution, and scaling knowledge. Ultimately exploring partnership opportunities, possible investments, and a collaborative future with us and our network.

We believe to have an actual impact, we must take tangible actions that will enable this change toward a greener maritime industry. And part of the solution is fostering startups that recognize the urgency to decarbonize the maritime industry.










Who should apply?

We are looking for startups in early phase that have already proven product-market-fit and have a sustainability or green focus applicable within the Maritime industry. 

If you are chosen to be a part of Yara Marine X, you will receive a package that includes:

  • 2-week on-site bootcamp to ascertain gaps and needs to fill with competence and mentorship within Yara Marine and Oslo Venture Company.
  • 3-month tailored program including fast piloting, go-to-market, development and network access.
  • Opportunity to travel to Oslo and/or Gothenburg and work directly with your mentors for part of the program, all travel expenses paid.
  • Possibility of investment from Yara Marine at the end of the accelerator program.



Our process and key dates for the program:

  • Applications

    Request for applications will be open from 13 December to 11 April 2022. We encourage you to sign-up as early as possible as our screening team will be regularly assessing the applications as they come in!

  • Pitch Event

    After the application process has been closed, the screening team will choose up to 10 startups to enter into a live and/or digital pitch session. A board of industry experts will choose the winning startup(s) at the end of the event which will take place the first week of May in Oslo, Norway. The date for the event will be announced soon!

  • Bootcamp

    The chosen startups will participate in a 2-week bootcamp at the Yara Marine office in either Oslo, Norway or Gothenburg, Sweden to ascertain gaps and needs that will be filled with competence and mentorship from Yara Marine and Oslo Venture Company.

  • Tailored Accelerator Program

    Based on the evaluation from the 2-week bootcamp, the chosen startup(s) will start a 3-month tailored program. They will have the opportunity to work hands-on with the Yara Marine X team in Oslo and/or Gothenburg and participate in specific digital workshops over the course of the 3 months.


Want to hear more, or have a chat with us? If you have any questions send us an email on post@yaramarinex.com.

About Yara Marine

Since 2010, we have been at the forefront of maritime emissions reduction, working closely with ship-owners, yards, and naval architects as partners in our effort to drive the change towards sustainable shipping.

Today, we offer a comprehensive portfolio of green technologies, spanning from vessel optimization and wind-assisted propulsion to emissions abatement and shore power.

We are headquartered in Oslo, Norway, with branches in Sweden, Poland, and China.

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